12 Eye-Opening Facts About Diabetes You Should Know

Step into the world of diabetes, where the facts aren’t just numbers – they’re stories of real people facing real challenges. With over 422 million individuals grappling with this condition worldwide, it’s a journey that touches hearts and homes across the globe. In this exploration, we will not just be talking stats; we will be uncovering 12 insights that shine a light on the everyday realities of living with diabetes.

Facts about diabetes you should know
  1. There are three main types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes. But Type 2 takes the cake, making up the lion’s share of cases.
  2. Since 1980, diabetes has been on a crazy upward trend, almost quadrupling in prevalence. Type 2 diabetes is especially guilty here.
  3. Feeling like you’re always running to the bathroom? Or maybe you can’t seem to quench your thirst no matter how much water you drink? Those might be signs that something’s up with your blood sugar.
  4. If you don’t keep tabs on your diabetes, it can lead to some serious issues like heart disease, kidney troubles, vision problems, and even losing a limb.
  5. Pregnancy can sometimes throw a curveball with gestational diabetes, which can up the risk for both mom and baby to develop Type 2 later on.
  6. There’s a thing called prediabetes, it’s where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not quite at diabetes levels yet.
  7. Exercise, eating right, and staying at a healthy weight can do wonders for keeping Type 2 diabetes at bay.
  8. People with Type 1 diabetes need insulin shots since their bodies don’t make any. But even some folks with Type 2 might need a bit of help from insulin too.
  9. Your genes play a big role in whether you might get diabetes, especially Type 2. So, if your parents or siblings have it, you might want to keep an eye out.
  10. Keeping tabs on your blood sugar levels is key to managing diabetes and staying healthy.
  11. Opting for foods with a low glycemic index, like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins, can help keep your blood sugar in check.
  12. Besides insulin, there are also some pills that can help manage Type 2 diabetes by making your body more sensitive to insulin or by lowering your blood sugar levels.

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