Our Story

Authentic, Trusted and Dedicated

Our story of creating a brand that works solely for a transformation that goes beyond looks didn’t happen overnight.

It all started in 2020 when “Stay-in and workout” became the new normal during the global pandemic.

We are Jesian Sure. An authentic UK Fitness Brand incorporated in the year 2020 to help both men and women, young and old, get up and start making moves to transform their lives with our main product: Jesian Sure resistance loop exercise bands

Jesian sure

We're more than just a fitness brand

We genuinely care about helping you see a glow that comes from more than just looking good. We’re advocates for building a balanced and holistic lifestyle, that will help boost your mental well-being, and unite your body, mind, soul, and spirit together.

That’s why, unlike other resistance band brands, our resistance band comes in a set of 4 to show it’s not just about the bands but it’s about you feeling whole by fitting your body to the exercise, not the other way around.

We believe in treating everyone, and yourself as whole, and how about getting your body in a perfect condition for a start?

Our Mission

Over 3.2million people die each year due to physical inactivity. Our mission at Jesian Sure is to educate, empower, and motivate the young and old to get up, get out and get moving towards becoming the strongest, healthiest, most confident, and unstoppable version of themselves through simplified fitness — starting with YOU!

  • Our vision is to transform the lives of those who don’t have the energy to exercise but have their well-being compromised due to a lack of necessities.

Together with Better Safer Communities in partnership with other charitable organizations like London Metropolitan University, Equal Opportunities Worldwide, FWOG outreach, and more, we keep on stretching and touching so many lives along the way.

Since the release of our first product — Jesian Sure Fabric Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, we’ve helped people realize the importance of fitness to their well-being and we plan to expand our range as we work together to transform the lives of many.

100% profit back for grassroots causes. With the integration of community-spirited Projects

          Let'smake a difference together

For every resistance band purchased, with our transforming lives initiative, we donate 5p towards a chosen grass root UK charity so thanks to you too. Just like that, together,  we get to transform the lives of so many people.

Adding the JESIAN SURE CIC recently incorporated providing free exercise & healthy lifestyle support to a range of people in need within our local community – new volunteers are always welcome.

The difference starts with you
so join us, and let's make a difference together

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