There's no restriction on which band you can use. That's why you need a professional guide and you'll get that for FREE.

The Extra light Yellow Band

Our yellow resistance band is long and has a tensile strength of 2 -5kg. For someone who wants to exert as little force as possible, our yellow resistance band is extra light, making it the perfect option for extra light exercises. It’s versatile and can work any body part.

✅Dimension: 42cm / 8cm
✅Strength: 2 – 5kg
✅Resistance level: Extra light
✅User type: Novice
✅Length: 16½ inches

The Light Pink Band

Our pink resistance band has a tensile strength of 5 -10kg which enables you to exert an increased force than the yellow bands. It’s short and suitable for light exercises. It can work any body part and is suitable for those who would love to increase the intensity of their workouts

✅Dimension: 38cm / 8cm
✅Strength: 5 – 10kg
✅Resistance level: Light
✅User type: Beginner
✅Length: 15 inches

The Medium Blue Band

Our blue resistance band is perfect if you’d love to level up and get quicker results. It has a tensile strength of 10 -20kg, which helps you increase the intensity of your workout. It’s short, suitable for heavy exercises, and can work any part.

✅Dimension: 38cm / 8cm
✅Strength: 10 – 20kg
✅Resistance level: Medium
✅User type: Intermediate
✅Length: 15 inches

The Heavy Red Band

Maybe you woke up feeling like a badass ready to feel that burn. Our red resistance band will gladly do the job. It has the highest resistance level and carries the most strength. It is long and is best if you want to exert a huge force than any of the other bands.

✅Dimension: 42cm / 8cm
✅Strength: 20 -30kg
✅Resistance level: Heavy
✅User type: Veteran Athlete
✅Length: 16½ inches

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