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A Set of 4 Whole-body Unisex Resistance Exercise Band


Made from non-sticky and tear-resistant thick breathable poly cotton and latex fiber, with the addition of a double row of interwoven elastic for comfort, our resistance bands stay put, won’t slide, won’t twist, and won’t rip during workouts or wear out easily.

Its vibrant color varieties: blue, pink, yellow, and red, serve as the ultimate motivation boosters for both males and females and they also serve easily as level identifiers.

Unlike other resistance bands that work either your upper or lower body, our bands are multi-purpose and versatile. Our resistance exercise band set is designed perfectly to suit your top to toe body goals.

  • Works for all body types
  • Different strengths to match your ability
  • Two short bands and two long bands.

Bonus/What you get:

           Minimal Time = Maximum Results

With our resistance bands, working out effectively for 20 minutes per day is enough.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts.
  • Personalized workout plans to fit your body to the exercise
  • Free and qualified fitness and physio specialists to give you unrivaled results.


Our resistance bands are the ultimate definition of versatility mixed with portability.

  • Comes in a very portable reusable bag and net bag
  • Free workout guide to help you kickstart your journey.

The journey to a better you begins now!


  • Do not machine wash or bleach. Instead, hand wash in cold water, rinse thoroughly & dry flat.
  • Not suitable for younger children.
  • Your JSRBs are exercise accessories and should be used as such.
  • Each resistance band has its strength. Avoid exerting too much force than they can carry to avoid injury.
  • Be careful. Resistance bands can potentially cause injury when used wrongly.
  • Beware of material components —poly-cotton & latex if allergic to them.


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