GYM! IT’S ALL ABOUT RESULTS. How Do I Get Results Quickly at the gym?

For quick & improved results – start following the below steps!

 Beginners checklist
  1. Using your phone? Stop & do this: i.e. set it on ‘do not disturb’.
  2. How about having a gym selection playlist for a boost as you workout?
  3. Focus on Strength training as a good starting point (best to save cardio for last).
  4.  Yes: it’s better to start with a full body workout every time. (You will be less tired and more ready for a more frequent visit to the gym) & why not let us help you get going too with our support services?
  5. Do you start with the workout you find the hardest? Here’s the secret: it’s best to do that when you are full of energy & in good form.
  6.  Remember to stretch before & after it’s a must do.
  7. Consistency is the key not frequency (even if you workout only half of a week).
  8.  Increase your protein intake (& how about a protein shake at the end of your workout)?


Did you know Tips!

1.  A 10 minutes cardio at the end using the JESIAN SURE RESISTANCE BANDS can have an equal & greater an impact that is equivalent to a 30 minutes cardio without it?
2.  Getting ready & stepping out of the house is the hardest part of any workout (you’re half way there & the results will begin to tell the rest of your story).

▪  Hey presto for a happy quick results Gym experience!

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