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JESIAN SURE bands work for adults of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Our band size ranges from size 6-22 so yes, it does.

Each band has an inscription that serves as an easy-level identifier. Also, don’t forget you can count on our free support service available to you.

Yellow – XL (extra light) up to –kgs

Pink – L (light)

Blue – M (medium)

Red – H (heavy)

We guarantee you won’t. With you in mind during production, we ensured our bands passed all necessary quality tests. Plus, our MD is a retired nurse of 24 years in the NHS and we have a team of physiotherapy doctors supporting you along your fitness journey. Also, our bands are 100% tried, tested, and trusted by Britain’s Health Service users.

Resistance bands work for strength training, toning and building muscle mass.

It also helps with stretching, rehab and physio for old people or anyone recovering from an injury.

 Strength training:

Depending on what kind of exercise you do, the band strength, and the intensity of your workout, your joints and muscles strengthens and helps you burn calories faster.

Building body mass:

Unlike weight lifting, resistance bands help you use your own  body weight to build your muscle mass.

All you have to do is stretch each bands to the extent it can and also do different intensity workouts.

Taking care of your resistance bands doesn’t require much. Ensure you do not machine wash or bleach. Instead, hand wash in cold water, rinse thoroughly & dry flat.

Also, store them away from areas of extreme temperature to preserve the elasticity.


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