According to a new campaign to make Britain Healthier,

1 in 6 deaths is caused by physical inactivity in the United Kingdom every week.That’s why we’re transforming lives through simplified fitness. Your support means a lot.

Did you know?

One of the most silent killers of all time is physical Inactivity

Overall deaths associated with physical inactivity remain at more than 5 million people per year according to The Lancet

A new campaign to make Britain 🇬🇧 healthier

An epidemic for the ‘’stay home and workout’’ slogan arose during the pandemic gym closures.

The Problem then was

Necessity became the mother of invention.
We had relied on YouTube videos and the TV for home exercising, which was not ideal because:
- Our huge family unit could not all keep up with the pace of trainer levels.
- We had varying needs in the house, yet we all did the same general exercises.
- Elderly parents had more and increased needs.

The JESIAN SURE Solution was

Our UK Engineered & crafted Sustainable Resistance Bands Set for exercise toolkit:
With the aim of:
'‘Transform Lives - Beyond Looks’'


Ideal for people who want to either ’Look Good' or 'Feel Good’.
▪ In addition- those who need workout support also get free personalised & tailor-made workout support as a Bonus: as part of our strategy to Educate & Transform a Nation that can be so heavily reliant on our already stretched NHS.


Our slogan is:
"We are on a mission to the nation: to Get Britain 🇬🇧 Moving - One Stretch At A Time"
-▪ We are a team of NHS retired, experienced exercise & fitness coaches.
-▪ We advocate and Educate - well, before it’s too late.
-▪ We help you to become a better version of you.

Our community & Partnership involvement includes:
▪ Acting as an advocate for the DoH: ‘’Get Every Adult Active Everyday’’ Agenda.
▪ Pioneering Localised CIC Projects.
Within S.E London is: the Peckham & Camberwell: 'Get Britain Moving projects' (supported by Community Fund).
▪ Supporting university Work-Based Learning Partnership with London Metropolitan University students.
- Our regular giving to various other Charitable organisations.


Echoing the need for living a healthy and transformed life together


We are passionate about raising awareness of the negative impact of physical Inactivity.

Our mission is to provide simple yet effective short HIIT exercises that have a profound impact on the nation’s general health and well-being.

Our Jesian Sure Sustainable Exercise Resistance Bands•available on and our dedicated team of fitness experts can help you do that

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